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Kuban will increase exports of wine to Europe

The wines of Kuban winemaking company “Divnomorie”  will be exported to Germany, the first batch is planned to be exported no later than September, - informs the Press Service of the Krasnodar Region Administration.  

It is noted that agreements on increasing the supply of Kuban wine to Europe were signed at the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation on Wednesday. In May, Kuban wines were presented to Germany.

"The results of the event are today’s agreements thanks to which another regional producer, the company Divnomorie, got access to the European market." The products of the companies Abrau-Dyurso and Fanagoria are already sold in the shops of Switzerland and Germany.

The Russian Trade Representative in Germany Yury Stetsenko noted that supply plan of wines has been developed with an annual increase in volumes. "The first batches are planned to be sent to Germany no later than September. Moreover, the products of the Kuban enterprise have already arisen interest of Austrian companies," - notes the agency.

It is specified that the work to increase the supply of wine to international markets in the Region is underway, also it is within the framework of the implementation of the new May Decree of the Russian President. According to the document, the Government was instructed to ensure exports of non-primary and non-energy goods in the amount of $ 250 billion by 2024.

"Wine which is produced in the region is competitive, it is produced from our Kuban grapes and is not inferior in quality to French and Italian wines, but by the ratio of price and quality, I am sure that they even win," – said of the Governor Veniamin Kondratieff of the Region.

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