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"Crimean Wine Rode"

Crimea within the framework of Yalta International Economic Forum will hold a presentation of the concept of the project "The Wine Road of the Crimea" - a complex of enogastronomic tourist routes which can give a powerful incentive to the development of a number of territories.

Chairman of the SRO Council of wine growers and winemakers of Crimea, the General Director of the FSUE" Massandra "of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation Yanina Pavlenko, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea Yuri Gotsanyuk, Minister of Agriculture of the Crimea Andrey Ryumshin, State Duma Deputy of the Russian Federation Konstantin Bakharev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Abrau-Durso LLC Pav l Titov, Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea Natalia Chaban, as well as representatives of the largest wineries in the Peninsula will take part in the work of the section "Wine Road" - effective tools for the development of the territory "which will be opened February 19.

The tasks of the project on which Crimean winemakers work together with the Ministries of Economic Development, resorts and tourism, agriculture, and culture of the Republic of Crimea, are awaresome. This is the improvement of settlements along the route "Wine Road", and the reconstruction of transport and engineering infrastructure, and formation of investment sites, and the creation of new jobs, and expanding of the scope of a holiday season and, most importantly a significant increase in the area of ​​vineyards and presenting Crimea as an environmental center of production of agricultural products.

" Crimea is not just a winemaking region, but a region with a rich wine history that could preserve the traditions of wine production from its own grapes. Today, when the reunion with Russia has breathed a new life into the Peninsula, we want to show guests from all over the world how the industry works, how fast the winemaking develops and how beautiful our hospitable region is", - said Janina Pavlenko. At the first stage, we must approve the team, draw up a register of interested parties in the development of the project and form an initiative group of winemakers, restaurateurs, hoteliers, farmers who will inspire this idea. The project is very interesting and large-scale, and it is able to turn Crimea into one of the leading wine regions of the world. "

"Wine Road of Crimea" will cover almost the entire Peninsula, its total length will be about 480 kilometers. And it will cover not only the big cities, but also small settlements where tourists rarely get. There will be several routes by depending on types of wine. Such trips are for both experienced connoisseurs and ordinary tourists. During a wine tour a sommelier introduces a guest to local samples, tells a story of each specimen, conducts an exciting excursion, thanks to which a wine life in the place of its ripening and manufacturing is revealed to a tourist.

The excursion program can also contain visits to the sights of the Peninsula, various master classes, wine-making lessons (planting grapes, caring for it, collecting, participating in processing). Within the framework of the project, guests will be able to get acquainted not only with wine, but also with other products of Crimea - cheese, bakery products, sausages, vegetables, fruits, so creative agricultural producers are invited to work on the project.

"Today many winemaking farms in Crimea are working to expand the list of tourism services they offer. So, "Massandra", in addition to classical excursions and tastings, offers quests, labor tours, excursions to the madern and sherry farms, music tastings under the stars in a historic square of a head plant. A month later we are preparing to open the first "wine village". The event is scheduled for May 19, will be held in Alupka, and eventually will cover all branches of the association. All these ideas can also form the basis of this project",- said Janina Pavlenko.

As part of the work on the "Wine Road", a map of the Crimea with wine routes, wine villages, enogastronomic objects and hotels, as well as main attractions of the Crimea has been created; it will be distributed free of charge to tourists. The plans are to create a catalog of products, reviews of wines, posters of events (festivals, fairs), loyalty cards, as well as a mobile application and website. Information on main "wine" attractions can also be placed on the road signs.

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