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March 15-17, 2018 Vladivostok will hold the 19th International Agricultural and Food Industry Expo.

The main objectives of the exhibition are

- to promote economic growth  of Primorsky Krai and implement state programs  of the region;

- to demonstrate products of enterprises of an agricultural and industrial sector and fish industry of Primorsky Krai;

- to promote export of products of agricultural  food producers of Primorsky Krai to the market of APR countries;

- to attract investments for implementation of new projects in Primorsky Krai.

The government approved the establishment of measures prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture, - said the Ministry of Finance

Now the wine is considered domestic if it is produced in Russia. The country of origin of a wine material does not matter. We think that lovers of our wine will more consciously make a choice, - stressed the developers of the innovation. Experts are convinced that as a result citizens will prefer alcohol drinks from foreign raw materials.  

 Producers of wine from Crimea and Italian Tuscany agreed to create wine from Crimean grape varieties which will receive expert assessments of Italian critics and subsequently enter the Russian market.

The idea of ​​co-production of wine was suggested by a Crimean winemaker Valery Zakharyin together with an Italian connoisseur, an author of wine guides Luke Maroni. Zakharin invited Ettore Falvo as a partner who is the owner of one of the largest enterprises in the Apennines.

VII "All-Russia Summit of Winemakers - 2017" will be held in October 14, 2017 in the village of Abrau-Durso A main event of the winemaking year will summarize preliminary results of work of Russian winemakers in 2017 and set a vector for future changes in the industry.

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Logo-T Co., LLC is one of the largest operators on the Primorsky Territory market for wholesale trade in alcoholic beverages. Since 2015 we have been actively engaged in the export of alcoholic beverages to the market of China. Our company presents a range of still and sparkling wines, vodka, cognac and so on.

The company has a number of exclusive Contracts, including major players on the Global alcohol market.

Distribution company NVT since 1995 in the market of the Russian Far East




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